Medical Care

At BLINK we are motivated and mobilised by the desire to create innovative and accessible products that improve patients’ lives. Our goal is to make meaningful and sustainable improvements to healthcare and that’s exactly what we are working towards. We are driven by a vision to develop a sustainable business in In-vitro-Diagnostics by enabling best quality diagnostics in any setting on a unified cross-analytical product platform.

Diagnostics are not always an easily accessible tool in the healthcare continuum. In an effort to improve the access to high-quality diagnostics, BLINK is developing technology that puts the power of creation in more hands and places diagnostic tools in reach for more patients. 

Our mission is to establish an open access business model in IVD thus facilitating:

  • faster product development
  • lower barriers to introducing novel markers into clinical use
  • reduced development and deployment cost

BLINK was founded in 2015 by Eugen Ermantraut, Torsten Schulz and Thomas Ellinger. Many members of the BLINK  team have previously developed, built and deployed some of the most advanced point-of-care products currently available. BLINK is taking the next step towards creating a holistic product platform for near patient use.