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We are developing a cross-analytical product platform to accelerate the creation of new diagnostic tests and enable provision of a broader range of test offerings for different analytes and disease conditions.  

Our product platform is designed to serve the diagnostic test development community through an Open Access Development model. BLINK’s Assay Development Kit enables developers to rapidly create assays and build a comprehensive test menu.

BLINK's technology allows a high-quality and robust decentralized laboratory service to be provided on a single, universally used instrument platform. We are working to democratise test development and market access and develop sustainable healthcare solutions in all global settings.

Next Generation Technology

Our product platform, the BLINK One, integrates multiple technology modules that support functionalities such as ultra-fast and precise temperature cycling, multi-colour fluorescence imaging, liquid handling and digital assay formats for highly multiplexed, sensitive and quantitative analyte detection. 

We have created generic disposable cartridges with integrated sample preparation processes and reagents. These are used as both development tools and sub-assemblies for final product set up by BLINK or its partners.

During the development process the BLINK One Analyser and BLINK One Cartridges are accessed through a software interface, the BLINK Toolbox, that supports set up of virtually any type of test assay. 

Flexible multiplexing and exquisite quantitation are facilitated by a new class of detection reagents, the BLINK Beads. The BLINK Beads are a new type of reagent that combines multiple roles into one self-contained unit; they are the capture matrix, they carry analyte specific detection reagents and are the actual amplification reactor. 

Blink Toolbox
Smart Software Interface
Blink Reactor Beads
Molecular Detection Machines
BLINK One Analyser
Blink One Cartridge
Integrated Reagent Workflow

Our Open Access Model

Assay developers get access to BLINK’s technology through an Assay Development Kit (ADK) comprising the BLINK One Analyser instrument, the BLINK Toolbox software interface, generic reagents and disposables. Developers create a complete IVD product by combining their proprietary analyte specific reagents with the generic ADK.

The BLINK Toolbox software provides a blueprint for IVD development and a versatile and validated environment for any level of test development. Its existing assay blocks come with documentation to accelerate the verification and validation processes inherent in assay development.

The BLINK assay development model is accessible for both commercial and academic test developers, providing freedom and flexibility to create new assays and reach new markets. 

About Us

The BLINK team is driven by the vision to develop a sustainable business in in-vitro diagnostics by enabling best quality diagnostics in any setting on a unified cross-analytical product platform. Founded in 2015, BLINK's founding team has previously developed, built and deployed some of the most advanced point-of-care products currently on the market.