Next Generation Bioanalytical Technology

Next Generation Technology. We are developing platform solutions for today’s challenges in bioanalytics and diagnostics. Our assay formats accelerate the creation of new tests and enable provision of a broad range of test offerings for different analytes and applications.

Our technologies facilitate high throughput, precise analyte quantitation and multiplexing. One day our approach will make random access to broad test panels created on-demand on instrument systems placed across the bioanalytical application space a reality.

For instance, on the spot doctors will be able to select tests from a broad menu and combine them into panels of interest in the respective clinical context. Our research products are designed to provide smooth transfer of developed laboratory assays onto a cutting-edge point-of-care platform.

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BLINK’s product platforms are designed to serve the scientific community through an Open Access development model.

Blink Technology


The BLINK assay development model is accessible for both academic and commercial test developers, providing unprecedented freedom and flexibility to create new assays and reach new markets.

BLINK’s technology offerings comprise laboratory tools for efficient sample prep and multiplex digital PCR and a diagnostic product platform for Point-of-Care testing.

Developers can create complete products for research or diagnostics by combining their analyte specific reagents with the generic modules of the BLINK technology package. Of course, individual modules can also be integrated into existing workflows or lab automation solutions.