#SLAS2023 New Product Award Winners!

BLINK X wins the #SLAS2023 New Product Award!

BLINK Digital PCR Analysis

The analysis of the sheer quantity of thousands of parallel reactions with the help of the Poisson distribution allows highly reproducible results over several log levels.

Visit us at #SLAS2023 San Diego

We’ll be exhibiting at #SLAS2023 in San Diego!

The BLINK Bead Approach

The BLINK nanoreactor Beads are an innovative approach that addresses the challenges faced in nucleic acid tests both in research and diagnostics.

BLINK Dx at Analytica 2022

Visit BLINK at Analytica 2022 and meet the BLINK X.

BLINK Building is live!

In 2021 the doors opened on BLINK’s custom-made facility.

What is digital PCR?

The technique shares similarities with qPCR but differs in two key aspects – the preparation of the PCR reactions and the method to determine whether DNA amplification has been successful.

Ultra-precise quantification of RNA targets across a broad measurement range with nanoreactor Beads

We have developed a new technique for generating digital compartments using a new class of molecular reagents – BLINK Beads.