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The BLINK ONE Product platform is being developed to enable high-calibre diagnostics without laboratory infrastructure. Our technologies empower developers to set up sample-to-answer ULTRAplex digital test assays on a mobile instrument platform.

The BLINK One is a cartridge-based platform that integrates BLINK Bead assays into a fully automated sample-to-answer system without the need for laboratory infrastructure. The system enables highly multiplexed molecular assays in 15 minutes.

The BLINK One is a fully integrated instrument for processing BLINK Bead-based assays on the BLINK One Cartridge.  The One platform comprises a cartridge and instrument.

cartridge-based platform

The system allows for direct transfer of BLINK Bead assays developed on the BLINK X system into a closed, self-contained test format that features multiplex digital PCR and integrated nucleic acid extraction. The One Cartridge is a fully functional pre-assembled unit that is filled with the assay specific BLINK Beads and generic reagents necessary to run a test.

Blink One Cartridge


The BLINK One Instrument is designed to process a variety of Bead assays on the BLINK One Cartridge. The Instrument is equipped with a Peltier-based incubation module for rapid PCR featuring heating and cooling ramps of >30K / sec.

Its integrated fluorescence micro-imager has four LED/Filter combinations available for Bead decoding and PCR signal detection. The Instrument is also equipped with a valve and pump actuator, a magnetic actuator for Bead handling and an additional temperature control for the heat lysis module.

Blink One Instrument
Blink One Cartridge


The One Cartridge is closed system designed to accommodate a broad range of sample types and sample volumes. It is equipped
with a pump and rotary valve to provide for flexible liquid handling workflows.

It features storage chambers for liquid (lysis and binding buffer, re-suspension of buffer PCR pellet) and solid reagents (PCR pellet, lyophilised Beads).

The Cartridge design allows for heat lysis by heating a sample to 95°C and for mechanical lysis with an integrated bead mill. It is equipped with a module to facilitate seamless suspension of BLINK Beads in an oil matrix for dPCR and detection.

Blink Technology

Currently BLINK’s technologies and products are accessible through strategic collaborations with BLINK as a development partner in selected application areas. Test developers and researchers will be able to develop their assays and applications independently on the BLINK X platform utilising validated components while maintaining design flexibility.