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Multiplex digital test assays on a mobile instrument platform.

The BLINK ONE Product platform is being developed to enable high-calibre diagnostics without laboratory infrastructure. Our technologies empower developers to set up sample-to-answer multiplex digital test assays on a mobile instrument platform.

The One Analyser is a fully integrated instrument for processing BLINK Bead-based tests on the BLINK One Cartridge.  The platform comprises a cartridge and analyser. The BLINK Toolbox software facilitates development and validation of new assays on the platform. The BLINK Hub data management system provides for continuous documentation of achieved development results.

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Currently BLINK’s technologies and products are accessible through strategic collaborations with BLINK as a development partner in selected application areas. Test developers and researchers will be able to develop their assays and applications independently on the BLINK X platform utilising validated components while maintaining design flexibility.