The BLINK One Analyser is a portable system designed to process a BLINK One Cartridge. The One Analyser also provides the test development environment, enabling both test development and test deployment on the same platform.

The BLINK One combines a set of technologies that provide a broad range of bio-analytical applications. Its temperature control module supports ultra-rapid thermo-cycling as well as any isothermal assay format. An additional thermo-electric module is provided for large volume temperature control, a feature that can improve lysis efficiency in large volume samples. The system features multi-colour fluorescence imaging, and different means for preanalytical steps. Integrated valve actuators and pumps move liquids within the sealed cartridge.

Mobile Cartridge
based System

The One Analyser is designed for implementation at community health centres or clinics and can be run by healthcare workers with minimal training. It can also be placed in higher throughput settings such as hospitals and labs.

broad range of
sample sizes and types

The system is designed to support a broad range of sample sizes and types. The assay specific One Cartridge determines the appropriate sample type, such as whole blood, plasma, urine, sputum, stool and various swabs. The One Cartridges accommodate all reagents necessary to run a test so that manual steps, generally, are not required for sample preparation. 

Portability and
ease of use

For enhanced portability, the BLINK One Analyser contains a rechargeable internal battery pack and an integrated user display.

Cloud-Based Connectivity

Measured results are analysed and stored automatically onboard and transmitted to a cloud-based database accessible to any certified user. Implemented connectivity capabilities enable additional data transmission for performance and usage monitoring, share payment services and software updates.

Test Development Simplified

For test development generic cartridge modules are provided with a software script interface allowing developers to make analyte specific modifications.