Our assay development model is designed to enable the IVD community to quickly develop and deploy point-of-care tests on a shared development and product platform. We are building a powerful and customisable diagnostic toolset that enables developers, both large and small, to create a diverse and meaningful menu of tests to meet the many and varied needs of healthcare professionals, researchers and most importantly, patients.

The broad technological bandwidth employed in the product platform supports an extensive range of potential applications that will populate a fast growing test menu that will be relevant in clinical settings ranging from point-of-care to the centralised laboratory.

Our business model for shared development is accessible for both commercial and academic test developers, providing unprecedented freedom and flexibility to create new assays and reach new markets. 

We are developing and implementing technology because a profound change to the way healthcare is delivered and accessed is needed. But technology, no matter how advanced, must be affordable, accessible and proven through evidence based studies and evaluations. We are committed to support external evaluations throughout the life cycle of our products and invite the IVD community to put these to the test.