Integrated Reagent Workflow

The BLINK One Cartridge enables a fully integrated assay workflow for any assay. We have designed generic cartridges that can be modified by test developers for specific assays. 

For example, the generic whole blood RNA module accommodates a set of reagents for RNA extraction from a whole blood sample and is provided with a software script that allows the assay to run on the BLINK One Analyser. PCR reagents are provided freeze-dried within the cartridge in a pellet. For development purposes, addition of liquid reagents is feasible. A developer then adds a set of target-specific primers and probes to the predefined position on the One Cartridge, creating an analyte specific test that has been designed and validated directly on the target platform. The assay software script can be modified to adapt the assay to meet different requirements. 

This approach enables test developers to develop their assays and applications directly on the target platform utilising validated materials while maintaining design flexibility.

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